Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oh..By The Way...We Launched went live last week! We launched the site with nine shirts between the marathoner and triathletes section and went live with Facebook, Twitter and of course, this blog.

We have tons more shirt ideas coming including ones for the spectators and zen racing sections. We will also be working on other types of apparel, race gear and whatever else comes to mind.

Most of all, we are just trying to have some fun with this thing because for now...they're just t-shirts. It was very inspiring to get all the laughs and comments on the shirts at our first race last weekend.

We have been filling up the race calendar with a mix of Marathons and Tri's around the Pacific Northwest this summer and fall and hope if you see us out there you come and say hi!

There is also a new shirt launching this week targeted at the half-marathoners so stay tuned for the details on that!

And don't forget the most important some lots and lots of SweetTri shirts...


1 comment:

  1. You need to make a shirt that reads something like this..."Triathlons, Because it is really 4 events." Then have the 4th symbol be a porta pottie. Maybe even w/ a line of people.
    In return I don't need any royalties. Just comp me w/ a finished shirt. Evan